Website Design & Development has become a necessity for industries of all shapes and sizes and the hospitality industry is no exception! Today, various hotels and restaurant owners are getting into the website design field to leverage from it and to get maximum exposure across the globe.

In today’s internet age, if you do not have an online presence, then you will lose a large number of users searching for best hotels and restaurants over the internet. Moreover, it becomes crucial for the website designers make sure that have a clear idea about the variations in designing a website for the hotel or restaurant compared to designing website for any other industry.

If you have recently started your career in website design field and you have been asked to design a website for a hotel or restaurant, then you must follow the guidelines discussed below in order to design a website that boosts its online presence over the web.

•    Don’t forget the audience or potential customers! It is crucial for a designer to have a clear understanding of what users are actually expecting from the website they are designing. As you are designing for hospitality, you have to use lavish colors and graphics in the website. But make sure which color combination will suit the website most.

•    Make it is easy for end users to understand the information provided in the website by using clear and easily understandable language. While designing for the hotel or restaurant, navigation plays a key role. So make sure you provide seamless navigation to the user in order to make it easy to land on the desired page easily.

•    Use videos, flash, animation etc. to make your website more interactive and appealing. But ensure that such multimedia elements don’t affect the loading time of the website.

•    Make sure you highlight the promotions and offers! You can create a separate page for these. Make sure you provide detailed information to the users. You can integrate promotions and packages with the hotel booking engine in order to make it easy for users to avail of those discounts and offers easily.

•    Make the booking process as simple and quick as possible!

•    Provide ample contact and booking information over the website in order to make it easy for visitors to find the desired details on the go.

Follow all the above discussed guidelines when you design a hotel or restaurant website ad you’ll get great online presence!
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