There are many tools for website creation but the selection of tools is an important factor. We can find many offline designing software tools like Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop and Coffee-Cup, but it’s good to be aware about online website designing tools too.

I have collected information about online designing tools and selected the top 7 free online tools. Here’s some brief information about them.
1. Yuuguu
This is a great tool for sharing display screen from one person to another. Whenever a web designer works with a large team and they need to share a design concept, then Yuuguu will be helpful. It includes very simple content and it can support on all major operating systems.

2. Dropbox
Dropbox is the most popular cloud storage service provider for storing large amount of data. This tool provides free registration and offers 2GB free storage. The web designer can also get more space through referring friends on Dropbox website. Here, the designer can store graphics, multimedia, web pages and much more. Dropbox is a secure and safe data storage service provider which also works for easy data sharing.

3. Favicon Generator
The Favicon Generator is an online tool for designing Favicons for a website. The Favicon is the header part of a web page which needs small but effective design. Mostly, Favicon images contain .GIF image format. This tool helps to make an impressive graphic.

4. Redmine
This is a project management application which can manage many projects at a time. It includes a large number of features for storing lots of details with time, date, personal information, graph chart and many other elements. This online tool is very effective for website design.

5. Pixlr
Pixlr is a great graphic design tool which provides a large number of features for image editing. We know that Adobe Photoshop is a much used tool by web or graphic designers but if a designer needs to edit images online, then I always prefer Pixlr. This tool includes same facilities as Photoshop for best image creation and to change the look of existing image.

6. Kuler
Kuler is an online color tool from Adobe Labs. If a web designer needs to change color design or set the color scheme with some new color mix, then it will be easy with this tool. This tool also provides color slide with different color mixes and many patterns for best color combinations. It surely helps to make a website more stylish with great colors.

7. BrowserShots
Many times designers need to take some screenshots of the website for planning the design project to get interesting ideas. At that time Browsershots can help to get a website look into the image. This is not a very easy tool because of its large features of JavaScript, flash design and perfect size concept.

Since all these designing tools are free and have easy concepts for complete website design work, designers should be aware about them to get best results.

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